Summer Internship

Summer internship program is an integral part of PGDM curriculum. It provides an opportunity for students to evaluate their academic excellence, concepts and skills. It allows students to go beyond their academic realms and gain knowledge of etiquette’s of corporate world. As a policy we accept only ‘Stipend-paid’ Summer Internships for our students, because we believe that internships without stipends neither add value to the corporate nor provide any learning to the students. Payment of a stipend ensures that both the student and the manager guide in the corporate take the internship seriously thereby ensuring that the student derives the maximum practical knowledge and experience from the “Summer Job” and also satisfies the corporate with the work during the Internship.

Many of our Summer Interns receive PPOs (Pre Placement Offers i.e. offer of a regular job) from the corporate satisfied with their performance during the Summer Internship. All the Students of the 2017 2019 Batch have done Summer Internships with stipends up to Rs. 40,000 per month. The median stipend was Rs. 15,000 per month.