Our Vision

  • To deliver broad, inclusive, contemporary and futuristic educational services.
  • To aspire for the successful careers of all our students.
  • To provide FOSTIIMA quality management education..
  • To transform our students into future leaders & visionaries.

Our Mission is to prepare young managers to face the challenges on an international platform by maintaining excellent standards of education, ethics, integrity and discipline.

This vision includes inculcating among students the spirit of teamwork, work culture enrichment, enhance personality development, and effective interpersonal communication. Our core faculty and the founders have made it their mission to focus on the future challenges and on the IIM – IIT network to obtain the very best faculty and guest speakers.

Success of our students is critical to our founder trustees.

In order to gain market share within existing markets, to expand into new markets, to set up attainable long-term objectives, to excel and to master core competencies, creative & experiential management education has become imperative. The onus for discovering and nurturing young talent lies with today’s educational institutions in synergistic alliance with the corporates.