• Message From Director

    At present there is huge gap between industry requirement and the academic knowledge provided by management institutes in India. There is a need to bridge this gap by bringing a radical change in the management education system to see break through results. This is possible only by changing our age old paradigm and we introduce content along with methods of teaching and learning which make our management education student and industry centered rather than faculty centered. Content of course needs complete re-look so that unwanted content and subjects are removed from the course curriculum and what is needed by the industry is introduced.

    Most management institutes use Case Study method as a tool to make students understand the theoretical concepts. There is a need to have simulation exercises for students to impart practical knowledge to them while working in a virtual organization. As in engineering institutes we have practical labs, we must have virtual organizations where students work on various situations and find solution to the problems using the theoretical concepts and practical knowledge by faculty having corporate experience.

    There is a need to encourage students to take up corporate projects while they are still studying so that they are exposed to corporate environment before they pass out and join some organization. To impart practical education to students, institutes must give students platform to interact with industry regularly to get adjusted and mould as per the industry expectations.

    There is a need to have faculty that has diversified experience including industry, teaching, training, research, counseling, and consultancy. Faculty must encourage innovation and creativity so that students also opt for start-ups and Government projects.

    Institutes must also inculcate team concept and risk taking capability through practical exercises which is the basic requirement in any corporate environment.

    Managers so developed and nurtured will definitely contribute to the growth of the industry and the country.

    I proudly say that we at FBS use all above mentioned tools and techniques to impart quality education to the students as per corporate and the country’s present requirement.

    Dr. Subhash Kakkar, Director
    Ph.D. (FMS-DU), MBA (FMS-DU), B.Sc.Engg. (DCE)