FOSTIIMA Business School organized an industrial visit to Yakult Danone (P) Ltd. Sonepet for PGDM 1st year on 25th June 2019. The main objective of the visit were to gain insight of Yakult ‘s production process and to Co-relate the theoretical knowledge with real time experience of the manufacturing unit. Students were amazed at the speed at which the complete process occurred and how the automation system could be set according to the requirements. The complete visit was informative , knowledgable and enriching . Every one of us enjoyed the visit as we learned a lot of new things which will certainly help us in our future studies.

Vartika Sinha

PGDM 2019-21(Section A)
To become master in Business Admin, one require to be expert in Industrial basic knowledge – How they work, their process cycle, their working environment etc. FOSTIIMA Business School organized an industrial visit to Parle G on 28th June 2019, for PGDM 1st year students. We were exposed to various managerial concepts such as production process, labor management, automation process, etc. Overall it was an enriching experience to visit the factory.

Awez Ahamed

PGDM 2019-21 (Section A)
I, Student of FOSTIIMA Business School, visited Safexpress Logistic Hub at Binola on 26th June 2019. We were exposed to the mechanism of Delivering, storing , segmentation of product state/ city wise loading/unloading of different products. Usage of Coding to identify the product was also explained thoroughly. It was a pillar less warehouse for the optimum utilization of the space. System of cross docking was elaborated through which loading and unloading of products was done in most efficient way . The areas were divided bay wise & products were placed according to their respective bay. It was a very fruitful and enriching visit, which enlightened our knowledge regarding logistic industry.

Pragya Vishnoi

PGDM 2019-21(section A)
On 6th July 2019, industrial visit to Nestle India Ltd, Samalkha Dist. Panipat was scheduled for a group of students of PGDM program of FOSTIIMA Business School. A special team from Nestle was present there to greet us. Operation department facilitated the visit and shared various information related to Nestle India Ltd. The Company emphasized a lot on the safety issues and a briefing was given to us also. They showed us a presentation with thorough description of the product line of Nestle India Ltd. Then we were taken to factory tour explaining each and every step from procuring raw material, testing, manufacturing of baby products, testing of final product and packing process. Our trip to Nestle was the best trip we got to know great things about an industry and how it manages its operations to be on the top.

Pankaj Kumar

PGDM 2019-21 (Section-C)
Around 40 students went for a visit to Maruti Suzuki Factory in Gurugram. At first we were guided towards the conference room, where we were briefed about the history and evolution of Maruti Suzuki through a presentation. At the plant the students were taken around various work stations in which work was divided as per the different operations- press division, wielding division, paint division, Assembly division, Quality check & Inspection. It was a great experience visiting Maruti Suzuki , it helped us knowing how such a huge organization works.

Priyansh Bansal

PGDM 2019-21(Section C)
We, PGDM students visited Hero Moto Corp ,Dharuhera Plant on July 6th 2019. We were taken around the plant showing us, machining, tooling, engine assembly, shaft assembly, most of the work was automated & done by robots. We got to know about world class quality standards, day to day challenges. I was constantly observing, color coordination in the plant , which was very essential in the plant for the smooth functioning. Later we were given some refreshments & went to the conference room, where we interacted with the HR-Head who answered our queries. Over all it was a great experience.

Manisha Baghel

PGDM 2019-21(Section C)
FOSTIIMA Business School has been organizing industrial visits for giving the extra edge to the students and combining industry driven curriculum with the practical knowledge. An industry visit was organized to Coca -Cola Company. It was my first visit and my experience was awesome. I got to see the manufacturing process closely. It was beneficial for me and I got practical knowledge as how the company works. It was an awesome visit and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Divya Sharma

PGDM 2019-21(Section C)