Let’s start with WHY?

You want to transform professionally and personally. Broaden your knowledge of managerial leadership and deepen your understanding of yourself.

Widen your perspective. And challenge everything you know.

THE PINNACLE EXECUTIVE MBA aims at building competencies through a deeper engagement. It provides you with the tools, the confidence and the expanded world vision to step up and become a truly dynamic leader.

You want change. Are you ready to make it happen?

FOSTIIMA BUSINESS SCHOOL delivers an undiluted MBA curriculum to working professionals through its Executive MBA program – THE PINNACLE

FOSTIIMA BUSINESS SCHOOL emphasizes an intensive core in general management and an unmatched selection of electives in a format tailored for working professionals.

The CHANGE you want,

The LEAP you need.

Until now you have excelled. You’ve grown professionally, personally. Rising to meet every challenge. Taking every opportunity to push the boundaries.Until now.

Now you are at an inflection point. Now you face a totally new challenge. The challenge of helping your company to grow in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Of mastering new markets and complex, cross-cultural business dynamics. Pushing your boundaries in knowledge and understanding.

It’s time to invest in your full potential. To share, exchange and live new experiences with people like you. People from different corners of the corporate world, from every sector. It’s time to immerse yourself in exploring the world’s leading multinationals. Make exciting discoveries. Broaden your vision of yourself, your role, your organization, your opportunities as a leader, your world.

The time has come to change your perspective towards your career.

Time to join a World-Class Hybrid Executive MBA – THE PINNACLE

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