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A job interview is an important stage in the process of applying to a workplace. It is the first real contact you make with your potential employer and it can make or break your chances of getting the job. There are some people who crack interviews easily and there are others who find it difficult to go through. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that before going for an interview, research about the company and its product.  This will help you build a rapport with your interviewer.

Here is why you should do in-depth research about the company where you are planning to give an interview:

∎ A little research will help you learn more about the company, its values, and priorities. Companies these days are very particular about hiring people who fit into their culture. Your little research will help you create a list of questions to ask during your interview session, thus creating an impression that positions you as a prospective employee looking for job satisfaction, not just another number.

∎ The most important thing is to be confident and look like someone who is capable of doing the job they were hired for. Before going for an interview research what skills and qualities they expect from the person on this post. This way you would have been able to brush up on them one time or another even before going for your interview.

∎ While researching you may come across the most commonly asked questions in that company. Prepare answers that best suit the job profile and company profile. An interview is a two-way process, so it is necessary to know what your interviewer expects from you as well. This will help you avoid any gaffe which may otherwise cost you the position.

Read about commonly asked interview questions from various sources such as newspapers, online portals, friends, etc.  This will help you create your own list of questions that you might ask, to finally know if the company is really what it claims to be. This also helps in creating a positive opinion about yourself and gives an edge over other candidates who are unaware of the basic facts about the company.

It may not be possible to avoid all mistakes, but taking care of these few things is surely going to place you in a better position than most others. So make sure before going for any interview research thoroughly about the company or better still go meet the senior authority personally. He/she is likely to spend more time with you and they can tell whether you are fit for their organization or not very easily.

You may also search, your own personal network and find someone already working there. Knowing about an insider is surely going to help you out. This will install a lot of confidence in your interviewer and the chances that they might take you rather than any other person applying for the same job increases.

Another plus point of researching properly is the fact that it helps you make better decisions overall. You can realize if this company is actually what you are looking for or not, thus saving yourself from wasting time on jobs/companies which does not suit your needs, dreams, and ambitions.

As always, (and especially during interviews) dress appropriately & neatly.  First impressions do count! Make sure you know facts, figures, and statistics related to almost everything regarding that company’s brand name; products, services, etc., Have questions ready to ask, don’t appear too anxious or excited, and always start off your answers with a positive.

Your interviewer may also share some information about the company atmosphere on the first call, so it will be really helpful if you manage to keep track of what he/she is saying. More often than not, there are some people who ask for information about the company from their interviewer. But this only makes a bad impression on the interviewer and they feel that you do not have enough interest in knowing more about the company or that you were not doing any research at all. So it is always better to be less inquisitive and only ask the interviewer only if you are not able to find any information online or anywhere else.

If possible, try and arrange a practice session with an experienced job coach. A mock interview will help you in understanding the type of questions that might be asked and how you should respond, enabling an organized presentation of facts and ideas. This is also going to help you become more confident about yourself during the actual interview when it comes time to show off your skills.

So before going for an interview, review all important details about the company and its product and try to research as much as possible to gain the confidence needed to crack an interview with flying colors.


We at FOSTIIMA Business School Wish you all the best!

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