Could not Complete your CAP Calls, do not lose heart! Elite Batch is here for you

FOSTIIMA Business School

If you are a management aspirant and have scored really well in the Common Admission Test but for some reason, you have not got the CAP Calls there is nothing to worry about at FOSTIIMA Business School, which is located in Dwarka, Delhi has come up with the scheme of Elite Pack for the candidates who deserve nothing but the best. This is available only for the PGDM course 2022-24. It has been created keeping in mind the candidates who are the cream of the students, but for some reason could not get into IIM’S.

What is FOSTIIMA all about?

The FOSTIIMA Business School is one of the most reputed management colleges located in Dwarka, New Delhi. Its inception took place in the year 2007 and it stands for Friends of Seventy-Three Batch of IIM-A Ahmedabad. The main aim of the institute is to provide quality education, according to what is provided at IIMs. If one gets into FOSTIIMA then one gets a great atmosphere and excellent career opportunities. At FOSTIIMA a large group of networks is there comprising IIM-IIT alumni. They come to the college and give lectures to the students sharing their corporate experience.

 What differentiates FOSTIIMA from other management colleges?

At FOSTIIMA efforts are made for mentoring as well as nurturing the students to reach their highest potential. So, they are in the position to carve out a successful career for themselves and make a fruitful contribution to the business, society as well as industry. Further, the founders of the college are from the IIM, the faculty has diverse experience in various industries as well as different fields. The curriculum keeps on evolving and is according to what is taught at IIMs. Lastly, it gives excellent placement opportunities.

 What is the concept of the elite batch?

For the admission of 2022-24, FOSTIIMA Business School is introducing the concept of “Elite Batch”. The basic idea behind this provision is to encourage those students who have done very well in CAT but for some reason could not get the CAP calls. The provision of the “Elite batch” is that you have to meet the eligibility criteria that include you have to score between 80 to 95 percentiles. Further people who are meeting the eligibility criteria will be given two job offers instead of one each worth Rs 10 lakhs. The scholarship includes if the score is between 80 to 85 percentiles, then you get a discount of Rs 1.25 lacs, if you score between 85 to 90 percentiles you get a discount of Rs 1.75 lacs and if the score is between 90 to 95 percentile then you get the discount of 2.25 lakes. Also, there is one important criterion that you have to score 60 percent throughout class 10, 12, and graduation.

So, this is how the FOSTIIMA Business School has done everything to encourage talented and brilliant students who can fulfill their management dream by taking admission to the FOSTIIMA Business School.