AICTE Approved MBA Colleges in Delhi Your Seal of Trust

If you plan to pursue post graduate studies in management you would do well to choose your institute with care. Your first choice may be IIM but then obtaining a seat is a challenge. Failing that you can look at private or government colleges where these courses are available.

Government colleges?

This is a big question mark. Yes, their degrees may be recognized. Such colleges may have UGC approval but take a look at their curriculum and teaching methods. If you ask past students you will find that this is not the only option and that there are better choices. You can consider AICTE approved MBA colleges in Delhi.

Private AICTE approved MBA colleges

Private colleges may not go in for UGC or any other approval. However, in that case, students and even recruiters are likely to give less preference to colleges. AICTE approved MBA colleges in Delhi, on the other hand, enjoys a good reputation with students and recruiters. The AICTE approval is a seal of trust that the curriculum and faculty have been checked and approved. Even recruiters ask candidates if they have obtained PGDBM from an AICTE MBA college in Delhi.

AICTE approval not mandatory for management courses

Here it must be clarified that AICTE approval primarily relates to technical educational institutions. It is not mandatory for management courses. This means private MBA colleges and institutions need not obtain AICTE certification. Courts have also ruled that management institutions are not under compulsion to obtain AICTE approval. However, they may do so to show students and parents as well as recruiters that they have standards. Certification is necessary as proof that the curriculum, faculty and premises match or exceed specifications. A college may claim it is the best but people will not trust their word. Recruiters too will not take a claim at its face value. However, AICTE certification is trusted. This is why, even if it is not compulsory for management institutions they obtain AICTE approval.

You will find AICTE approved MBA colleges that not only exceed laid down standards but match or are ahead of IIMs.  Because their personal standards are even higher and they have advanced curriculum and faculty from IIM, FOSTIIMA could have relied on its credentials and student testimonials but obtained AICTE approval nonetheless. The point is, students must not rely solely on a third party certification but must conduct due diligence and take a closer look at curriculum and faculty as well as men behind the institute.