How To Get Education Beyond Classroom by Going for Various Trips


When it comes to science and technology, it is not the only field that has experienced an overhaul. The education sector is witnessing a paradigm shift from theoretical learning to practical experience. The same is the thing that you experience while studying at PGDM College in Delhi. Further, in this competitive world, it is important for a student to have an extra edge in order to succeed this you can only do if you have experience outside the classroom in the form of going on various domestic and international trips.

 Why one should consider going on educational trips?

The moment you think about educational trips it has been reshaped in the past many years. Here students come out of the zone of observation and participation in various activities like community service, environmental preservation, and so on. With the thought of holistic development of students, there are different MBA institutes in Delhi that emphasize service learning and increased participation of the students during foreign trips. A few years back educational trips were all about environmental and historical observations, but when the teaching started out of the box students on their educational trips started experiencing knowledge about the community, social structures, and so on.

The college that emphasizes educational trips

There is various PGDM colleges in Delhi but the one that is extremely popular is FOSTIIMA business school. This college is known for taking the students on both domestic and international trips so that they get enriched by the knowledge of that particular place. Students at FOSTIIMA get the opportunity to broaden their horizons and immensely develop their personalities in an exposure cum educational trip. They get the opportunity to interact with foreign students as well as their faculty.

The main idea of the trip is to make students interact with the business environment as well as international culture.  Here the students understand the globalization of Indian business. The place that the students of FOSTIIMA visited is the city of Dubai.

 Team building activity in the domestic trip

At FOSTIIMA which is the best MBA institute in Delhi in terms of domestic trips every year, the students are taken to the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand called Jim Corbett. The camp is created in an area that has multi-facility and small groups are created so that they do maximum learning. There they do many activities amidst nature like rappelling, hiking, river crossing, and so on. A team-building activity that is followed by preparing their own personal meal.

The students are asked to enjoy in an eco-friendly manner and not to increase their carbon footprints. All this training is provided by a well-known IIM alumnus. Over the period of time in terms of a domestic trip, students have been to places like Manali, Jim Corbett, and Rishikesh.

This is how studying in one of the best PGDM colleges in Delhi you get great exposure in terms of domestic and international trips in the most hassle-free way. Which results in overall development.