How PGDM Can Be Better Than BBA Courses in Delhi

Many students aspiring for a career in management assume that joining a BBA college is the best way to start. There are both pros and cons to this approach if you wish to cap the BBA degree with MBA degree.


BBA Courses in Delhi lay the foundation for life in management. Over a three to four year term you get to study HR, Communication, Economics, Quantitative Methods, Principles of Management, Financial management, Marketing Management, Import, Export, Taxes, Research and Environment among others. If your college permits you to join MBA stream in the same institution then you need not worry. If you apply for MBA in another college you may have to repeat these topics and it would be a waste of time.

BBA not necessary for MBA or equivalent

Consider BBA courses in Delhi from another perspective. They are not absolutely essential. You could spend the years studying engineering or some other stream and gain specialized knowledge. In any case, if the MBA is going to repeat the topics of BBA then there is redundancy that is best avoided. You can join MBA courses provided you are guaranteed a good placement because that ensures a bright start to your career. Not all MBA colleges can promise good placements and you will look for autonomous institutes. These institutes, preferably AICTE approved, offer PGDM courses that are just as good as or even better than MBA courses offered by some institutes.

PGDM could be better

BBA courses in Delhi may give you theory but not hands on practical work experience. This is something you receive when you join prestigious PGDM courses such as those at FOSTIIMA. The two year course is crammed with studies, project work, internships and valuable insights offered by visiting faculty who are industry leaders as well as IIM graduates. The two year course gives you expertise in International Business Concepts, Marketing Management, Accounting and Financials, Technology & Operations, Micro Economics, legal aspects, analysis, business communications, decision making and strategic management among others. In two years you become a full-fledged management professional. In addition you have a background in some other stream like engineering and your market value goes up.

Better placement

It is a fact but those who have completed BBA courses in Delhi cannot hope for top positions. PGDM from an institute like FOSTIIMA is valued and top recruiters snap up FOSTIIMA graduates and put them in leadership positions. You get a handsome starting package. Even more important is that you have full capabilities that BBA courses in Delhi just cannot give you.

It is the final polish that matters. BBA is good no doubt. MBA or PGDM is what you must have to get ahead in competitive job markets.