Does the MBA Institute in Delhi Have What It Takes to Make You a Management Professional?

Ever since the rise of private higher level educational institutions there has been a marked reduction in the quality of graduates they output. In fact when candidates who have graduated from private colleges or institutions apply for jobs they are not given preference. They may even be discriminated against. The fault is not in students. It has to do with such private institutions. IT professionals, engineers and management graduates possess a degree but not the capability. Private institutions are responsible. First. They are operated as profit centers which means cost cutting at all stages. Two, they do not employ properly qualified staff. It follows that inadequately equipped faculty will be least interested in giving knowledge and learning to students. The curriculum is a hodge-podge drawn from other institutions. Management of such institutions does not care if students really learn and perform on the job. These are student mills.

It is no surprise that graduates from such institutions may pursue a career in some other field. You can find engineers, IT professionals and management graduates working as bank clerks.

This could happen to you if you join the wrong MBA institute in Delhi. You may be in a hurry to join a MBA institute in Delhi. However, do not rush headlong into the arms of the first institute that opens its doors to you. Stop. Examine their credentials. Getting a PGDM is expensive. Make sure you spend money right. You wish to study, qualify and work in management, not as a bank clerk.

Each MBA institute in Delhi makes glowing promises in its prospectus and also shows success stories. Students get taken in. Take a hard, deep, long look.


Consider the faculty. Ask about the faculty such Top private MBA institutes in Delhi employ. Most have professors with dubious qualifications. In most cases teachers are usually past students of that institute with very little real life experience. They join because it is not easy to find jobs in management. The only one worth the time and money is an institution like FOSTIIMA that employs faculty from IIMA, the best of IIMs.


The curriculum is up next. Put it under a scanner and examine it minutely. On the other hand, if the MBA institute has a curriculum based on curriculum of IIM and continuously develops it according to modern trends then you can shortlist this institute.


Way of teaching. Choose that institute where students have experiential learning process with hands on experience in real life situations. Professors that are committed to teaching with passion and have the knowledge and experience to do so should be a criterion for selection of an institute for MBA studies.

Placement record

Most MBA institutes have a dismal record when it comes to placement. Their students expect to get into good, high paying jobs. What they are offered when they graduate is a job that hardly pays them a sustainable salary. Look at the institute from where graduates are picked by top multinationals at high starting packages.

Look no farther if the institute checks all the above boxes.