There is a saying that college life is the best phase of life and indeed FOSTIIMA Business School proves it right. Your PGDM journey at FOSTIIMA Business School is going to be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life; campus life at FOSTIIMA Business School makes sure your experience is transitional. From attending classes, seminars and meetings, writing projects, preparing PPTs and case studies, grabbing a bite in canteen or from others’ lunch boxes, meeting deadlines- a student of FOSTIIMA Business School never has a dull moment on campus and somehow manages to pack a zillion of the things in his daily schedule. Few months into the course, you will feel you have seen it all that is when greater experiences and surprises await you down the line.

The Faculty brings with them a diverse range of expertise and experience from the industry and academics. The institute boasts of highly skilled faculty members in various areas including marketing, economics, finance, computer information systems, operations and production management, strategic management and international management among others. Students get an amazing learning environment and get to learn a lot of things and learn their usage in the practical world.

Apart from Academics, Students get a chance to be a part of numerous committees. These committees offer an unbeaten level of exposure to students by enabling them to become proficient at establishing alumni connections, corporate relations, performing critical tasks, shouldering responsibilities with meticulous planning and coordination.